What Does NFS Mean

What Does NFS Mean | The Various Meanings Of NFS


“What does NFS mean” is a very difficult question to answer. If you search for this on the internet you will get to see a lot of results. NFS is nothing but a word that is used in different types of platforms such as computing, gaming, banking, food, and so on. It is a slang word. In this article, you are going to be shared all the meanings of NFS. You will get a clear idea about “what dies NFS means” from this article. The meaning of NFS depends upon the platform in which it is being used.

The Various Meanings Of NFS

What Does NFS Mean

There are various types of meanings of NFS. They are as follows:

The Usual Meaning Of NFS

Usually, the word NFS is a slang word, that stands for Not For Sure. You can easily, use it at the time of communication by typing a message. But the word is not only used in the mode of communication but also used in various types of platforms and the meaning of the word varies from platform to platform.

What Does NFS Mean In Text

In this modern era, everything needs to be short. There is no time for pronouncing or writing long phrases. For this using short forms like NFS, SYT, and so on has become a trendy in place of using full firms of the word. But now the question is “what does NFS mean in the text”. NFS stands for Not For Sure. we use this acronym at the time of typing text messages. We use NFS at the time of communicating informally with our friends as well as our colleagues.

What Does NFS Mean In Gaming

The meaning of NFS in gaming is known to all. It stands for Need for Speed in gaming. In the games like Roblox, we make use of this word.

What Does NFS mean In Computing

Besides using NFS in texting, it can be used in the field of computing as well. The meaning of NFS in computing language is Network File System. We use this word most to get access to the files over the network.

What Does NFS Mean In Social Media

Teenagers use this slang word NFS a lot at the time of chatting on the social media platforms like Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, and TikTok. So, you have got a clear idea about “what does NFS mean on social media”, and what does NFS mean on Snapchat”. If you want to know “what does NFS mean on Facebook ” or Instagram you should know that the meaning is the same as the other social media platforms that are Not for Sure.

What Does NFS Mean In Food

Very few people only know about the meaning of NFS in food. In food, there are two meanings for NFS. According to the terminology of the World Health Organization NFS stands for Nutrition and Food Security. In other ways, you will be able to see NFS codes that are written on the description of the food items.

What Does NFS Mean In Banking

If you want to know “what does NFS mean in banking”, this article will help you. Like the other fields, NFS is also used in banking. The meaning of NFS in banking is National Financial Services. It is supposed to be the largest network of ATMs.

What Does NFS Mean In Shoes

When you have visited and shoe store you might have seen a banner named NFS near some particular section of shoes. But people always ignore it, they never try to understand the meaning of it. The meaning of NFS in shoes is Not for Sale.

A Short Overview Of Network File System

NFS or Network File System was introduced to enable remote file sharing between servers. You will be able to get various versions of NFS. NFS V3 is the most common version of all. You can easily use NFS and manage it. Sun Microsystems first designed NFS or Network File System in 1984. The user is allowed to get access to the files of a client computer over a network with the help of this distributed file system protocol just like they access a local storage file. Anyone is allowed to execute this protocol as it is an open standard.

What Is The Work Process Of NFS

To make data available to the clients, the server will try to implement NFS daemon processes for accessing data that is stored on another machine or server. The responsibility of the administrator of the server is to decide what to make available and give assurance that it can acknowledge proper clients only.

The machine then requests to get access to the exported data generally by publishing a mount command.  Once they are successful the client machine will be able to view and communicate with the file system within a determined parameter.

NFS is generally a client-server protocol. An NFS server is supposed to be a host that meets the requirements that are mentioned below:

  • It has to install the NFS server software.
  • It must have a minimum of 1 network connection to be as to share the resources of NFS.
  • It must have a configuration that will allow it to receive and respond to NFS requests over the network connection.

In earlier times NFS was used as a method for sharing file systems across workgroups by using Unix. Still, it is often used for ad hoc sharing of resources.

You have to follow the three steps that are mentioned below if you want to implement the process of setting up an NFS service be it on an enterprise file server or a local workstation. The steps are:

  • You have to check whether rpc.mount d me mount d is installed on your device and working properly. This is supposed to be a program known as the NFS daemon that listens to the network for the requests of NFS.
  • You have to create or select a shared directory on the server which is known as the NFS mount point. If you use the mount point and the server host name or address it will be able to identify the NFS resource very easily.
  • For allowing the authorized users to read, write and enforce files in the file system you have to configure permissions on the NFS server.

What Are The Advantages Of Using NFS

NFS or Network File System is being used for getting better security, better file sharing, and better experience for several years. You will be able to get it at a reasonable price. You can use it very easily for network file-sharing purposes with the help of your existing internet protocol infrastructure. There are a lot of advantages of using NFS or a Network File System. They are as follows:

  • With this system, a lot of clients can make use of the same files. It allows everyone on the network to use the same data. They can access it on remote hosts just like it is accessing local files.
  • The data is updated as all the users are allowed to go through the same files. The system is supposed to be consistent and credible.
  • The applications are shared by computers to reduce the requirements for local disk space and the costs of storage are also decreased.
  • All users have a transparent idea about mounting the file system.
  • For the centralization of data, the system admin overhead is decreased.
  • You can run various technologies from various types of dealers and use various types of components as it supports heterogeneous environments.
  • The security risks are reduced as there are only a few removable disks and drives laying around.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using NFS

There are also a lot of disadvantages of using a network file system or NFS. They are as follows:

  • Security: The main disadvantage of NFS is its security issue.NFS is based on RPCs which are supposed to be intrinsically risky. NFS can only be used on a reliable network behind a firewall. On the contrary, NFS will be susceptible to internet hazards.
  • Sharing files is very difficult: If you want to share files via locking and caching will be a very difficult task for you.
  • Similar file access: In present times, applications are dealing with larger files whereas NFS was designed to get access to a shared network file. So parallel file access is very much needed these days. NFSv4 has the feature but every client has not supported it still now.
  • Obstruct size restriction: During one reading or writing request, the latest NFS protocol standard allows for a maximum of 1 MB of data to be shared.  1 MB was supposed to be a lot of data in earlier times in 1984. But now 1 MB of data is nothing in an era of digitization. There are classes of applications available that allow transferring data in GBs, not in MBs.

What Are The Various Versions Of NFS

The current version of NFS is NFSv4. The other versions are mentioned here from the earliest to the newest.

  • Sun Network File system was released in March 1984
  • NFSv2 was released in March 1989
  • NFSv3 was released in June 1995
  • NFSv4 was released in April 2003
  • NFS Version 4.1 or NFSv4.1 was released in January 2010
  • NFS Version 4.2 or NFSv4.2 was released in November 2016

How To Boost Up The Performance Of The Network File System

For modern environments, NFS or Network file system comes up with restricted performance and scalability. In comparison with today’s networks and efficiencies, it is supposed to be very much curbed. While NFS provides capacities of up to 1.5 GB /s, Network cards are available to provide 100GB/s. The NFS does not have also the ability to manage metadata.


What, is meant by NFS share?

You are allowed to transfer the file between the UNIX operating system and the Windows server with the help of Network File System Share or NFS share.

What does NFS mean on TikTok?

In TikTok, NFS stands for No Funny shits which is used when the person who is associated with the communication is not in a mood to listen to what the other one is talking about.

What does NFS mean in slang?

The meaning of NFS in slang is No Funny sh*t.

To Sum UP

A networking protocol for distributed file sharing is known as NFS or Network file system. A file system signifies the way storing the data in the form of files is stored across networks and fetched from storage devices like hard disk drives, tape drives, and solid-state drives. The most widely used protocol for file servers is none other than NFS. Most operating systems like IBM AIX, Linus, Hewlett Packard Enterprise HP-UX, Oracle Solaris, and Microsoft Windows can get NFS implementations.

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