Gigabyte M27Q 1440p Gaming Display

The Gigabyte M27Q 1440p Gaming Display: Review


The Gigabyte M27Q is a fabulous 1440p gaming screen appropriate for a wide assortment of employments. It includes an expansive 27-inch screen that gives an immersive gaming encounter and a bounty of screen genuine bequest for work. It has a fantastical moo input slack, uncommon reaction time, and a tall revive rate to provide smooth and responsive gameplay.

Its IPS board has wide seeing points that make it less demanding to share substance or play co-op diversions; be that as it may, it comes at the fetch of a lower differentiate proportion, which makes blacks show up gray in dim situations. Shockingly, it needs swivel alteration and can’t pivot to representation mode, and indeed even though it underpins HDR, it doesn’t get very shinning sufficient to provide a genuine HDR involvement.

In terms of potential benefits, there are many additional features such as Picture-in-Picture / PicturebyPicture mode, a USB-C connector that supports DisplayPort Alt Mode, a mouse, and a mouse, as well as KVM highlights that allow you to connect two control devices. It has a Control center.

The Gigabyte M27Q is expansive, the high-resolution screen feels immersive, and it has wide seeing points so that you simply can share substance effectively. Sadly, it has dejected ergonomics, which makes it harder to put the screen in the manner in which you want. Too, it isn’t well-suited for dull rooms because it features a moo different proportion that creates blacks to show up gray. It as it were permits tallness and tilt alterations, making it harder to put the screen for ideal seeing and for sharing substance with others.

Assuming that you’d incline toward a gaming screen with prevalent ergonomics, look at the Dell Alienware AW2721D. The back includes a clean and cutting-edge plan that’s indistinguishable from the Gigabyte G27QC, with the same blend of matte and reflexive plastic. The stand features a little set pattern for cable administration. Shockingly, there’s no quick-release highlight to expel the stand for VESA-mounting.

The stand doesn’t take up much work area space, and since it’s level, you’ll be able still to put things on the best of it. It feels strong, and the screen doesn’t wobble much when bumped.

Like most IPS board displays, the Gigabyte G27Q contains a fair differentiate proportion, which results in blacks looking grayish when seen within the dull. It’s marginally higher than the publicized 1001:1 differentiate; in any case, this will shift between person units. In case you need a comparable budget to demonstrate way better differentiation, check out the LG 32GN600-B.

The Gigabyte M27Q display doesn’t have a neighborhood diminishing include. The video over is given for reference as it were.

Compare Side-By-Side:

The Gigabyte M27Q is a great gaming screen that’s well-suited for a wide assortment of employments. It’s one of the best of its kind in terms of games, and its outstanding Adobe RGB range makes it suitable for photo editors. In any case, it isn’t great for faint rooms since it integrates a moo separate extent, and its shoddy ergonomics make it harder to put the screen for ideal review. For more choices, check out our recommendations for the most excellent gaming screens, the finest 1440p gaming screens, and the most excellent budget gaming monitors.

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Gigabyte G27Q.

It encompasses a higher 170Hz revive rate and a much speedier reaction time at 60Hz, coming about in negligible movement obscure. It includes a better SDR color array, making it distant better; a much better; a higher; a stronger; an improved”>a much better choice for substance creators, and it encompasses a KVM highlight that permits you to control two gadgets with the same mouse and console.

On the other hand, the G27Q contains a bit way better reflection taking care and gets somewhat brighter in HDR, but these are minor contrasts and may be difficult to take note of.

Plan and Features:

The Gigabyte M27Q looks rather like the G27QC in each perspective, but it’s a flatscreen, not at all like the last mentioned which incorporates a profound bend. The monitor employments the same matte dark wrap-up that’s virtually scratch-proof, making it simple to preserve the unused see. The show is sans bezel on three sides, yet you’ll in any case see unimportant board borders when it’s being used.

The Gigabyte M27Q could be a sensibly measured screen, yet there’s an extraordinary opportunity that it’ll be more prominent than the ones you utilize in your everyday schedule. The stand included is level and it includes a clear spot within the center for little peripherals in the case in case it is as well huge for you. The gadget as it were weighs 12.13 pounds so it ought to be alright to utilize glass tables for it.

The chassis for the Gigabyte M27Q is for the most part made of plastic, but its construct quality is extraordinary on the off chance that you consider its cost. We moreover did not take note of any flexing or uneven holes on the plastic so the item looks extraordinary all around.

Show and Performance:

The Gigabyte M27Q sports a 28-inch IPS board with a 2550 x 1440 determination, a 160Hz most extreme revive rate, and a 0.5ms boosted reaction time.  The scenery brightening is higher on this show at 340 cd/m2, yet its different extent isn’t similar to the VA varieties at 1001:1. Gigabyte advances DisplayHDR 400 similarity, yet we as a whole realize that its advantages are confined and generally unnoticeable.

1440p in a 27-inch screen and it’s coming about pixel thickness is mind-blowing for all overuse since it is the perfect balance for penetrability and sharpness. Recreations will seem recognizably crisper and cleaner, but clients won’t battle with other errands such as perusing dividers of content or browsing. It’ll take a high-end card to run diversions at 170 FPS, but it’s still less demanding compared to 4K.

The Gigabyte M27Q can dynamically display colors containing over 100% sRGB and approximately 93 ° IP3. The normal value for delta E is up to 3.13 by default, so some adjustments are needed to the default accuracy. It’s not terrible for gaming and numerous will not take note of the mistakes, but a few shades can seem imbalanced or warm at times.

The great news is you’ll be able to get absent with some changes to adjust the Gigabyte M27Q’s color exactness and temperature. You’ll utilize a colorimeter on the off chance that you as of now have it, but we don’t suggest investing the additional which is able put you in a run of superior pre-calibrated monitors.

Considerations on the Gigabyte M27Q:

The Gigabyte M27Q could be a well-rounded gaming screen with an extraordinary IPS board that goes up to 170Hz with not too bad color execution and responsiveness. Our assumptions need to be adjusted a bit, but we know that some players value supersaturation in some cases. It includes highlights such as the KVM controller and FreeSync / GSync compatibility to help gamers who are rapidly modernizing when choosing customization.

 Gigabyte M27Q Pros And Cons

Gigabyte M27Q Pros

  • Expansive screen and tall resolution.
  • Wide seeing angles.
  • Good permeability in shinning rooms.
  • Exceptional SDR color gamut.
  • Exceptionally Moo Cost for a 170Hz.
  •  Monitor Great Post-Calibration.
  •  Results Smooth KVM Functionality.
  •  Excellent Pixel Reaction Time.
  •  FreeSync and G-Sync are Compatible.

Gigabyte M27Q Cons

  • Blacks see gray in dim environments.
  • Poor in functional design.
  • Average Color Precision and Differentiate at Default.
  •  Stand Doesn’t Swivel or Pivot.
  • USB-C Charging Exceptionally Limited.


What board is Gigabyte M27Q?

IPS panel:
The Gigabyte M27Q ($340 as of composing) packs 1440p determination into an IPS board running at a rapid 169 Hz. The picture quality remainder is increased by a wide color extent and HDR support.

Should I utilize HDR on M27Q?

It can bring out a few highlights in HDR diversions, but it’s not shinning sufficient for HDR motion pictures. The Gigabyte M27Q has extraordinary even seeing points.

Is the Gigabyte M27Q 4K?

Image Quality. Not at all like most 27″ 1440p 144Hz+ IPS gaming screens, the Gigabyte M27Q is based on an IPS board by Sharp that employments a flighty BGR subpixel format.


The Gigabyte M27Q employments a novel IPS-type board from Sharp, which in numerous regards conveyed a satisfying execution. The determination and screen measure combination conveyed a respectable pixel thickness, giving a great sum of desktop real-estate and giving great clarity potential to content and other appropriately tall determination substance.

The pixel format of this demonstration was offbeat, which was to a great extent overcome by rectifying the setup of Windows ClearType. Indeed taking after that a few ‘fringing’ issues remained, not continuously related to content. However, these issues are minor and most customers do not notice or find them annoying.

 The screen advertised a practical design and a fairly basic overall development, especially when compared to the heavier powder-coated metal stands of the AORUS line.

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