SD Card Overheating

Top 5 Cause Of SD Card Overheating, Solution, | How To Recover Data


An SD card stands for Security Digital Card that stores an additional amount of information for you. We usually use these SD cards on our mobile devices and cameras. We use micro SD cards in tablets that are quite smaller SD cards about the size of your fingernail. In this article, we will discuss the overheating and melting issues of an SD card.

The Use Of SD Card:

It is very easy to use an SD card. You just have to pick out the SD slot from your mobile device and place, the card within the slot, and then you have to insert it back into the device. Usually, the device picks up the signal automatically. The SD cards can be formatted sometimes. You have to keep a tool that will help you to recover the lost data. Disk Drill is one of the best tools of all.

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How To Recover Deleted Files From An SD Card:

How To Recover Deleted Files From An SD Card

You have to follow the simple steps that are mentioned below if you want to recover deleted files from an SD card.

Download and install the data recovery software

If you want to keep a backup of the data that you have stored on an SD card you have to download data record software from the website of the company. Then you have to install it on your device.

Connect an SD card to your PC:

The device on which you are using the SD card, mobile, tablet, camera or raspberry pi sd card hot has to be connected to your computer.

Perform the scanning:

After connecting the SD card to your computer you have to make a scan on it. You may Quick Scan it or Deep Scan it.

Quick scan:

It is used when you have lost a smaller amount of data and that too very recently. It is not so powerful because it can only detect recent losses and effectively recover them.

Deep scan:

It is used when you have lost a larger amount of data and that too white some time ago. It is the best way for recovering larger files that you have already deleted.

Recover deleted files:

The last or final step of this process is to recover data files. You will be shown a list of files and you have to select those that you want to recover from the given list. if you are facing an sd card overheating issue follow down tutorials.

Why Does My SD Card Heat Up?

Why Does My SD Card Heat Up

There are various symptoms to detect that your SD card is overheating. They are as follows:

  • If you touch the SD card you will feel an unusual heat.
  • You will be shown constant error messages when you will try to open it.
  • Your device be it a mobile, tablet, or camera may shut down suddenly without gaining any prior notification.
  • When you will try to open a file or get access to it, it will work very slowly.
  • You will not be able open the files as they are corrupted.

That is why if you detect any one of these said symptoms especially when you will feel an unusual heat you have to be sure that all these are happening due to an SD card that may cause damage to your device. Your device may be heated too and shut down suddenly.

Why Does Your SD Card Overheat:

An SD card may be overheated due to many reasons. The possible causes of SanDisk micro sd card overheating are given below:

Shirt circuit

If you detect that your SD card is overheating there may be some short circuit issue which is stimulating the SD card to get overheated.

Electrical Charger

An SD card consists of a complicated array of very small transistors and when you are changing it with electricity the transistors can be flipped. So the card gets heated up. If your SD card overheats it may cause your processor, memory, or any other useful part to be melted.

Bad Adapter

If your micro SD card overheating it may the adopter that is stimulating the SD card to be overheated, even they can be melted too. Bad design, quality control and workmanship are the most important causes of an adapter to be poor.

Exceeded Limit

Every manufacturer has set limitations on how much data you can transfer. If you try to go above it, there might be an overheating issue on your SD card.

Defective SD card

Your SD card might be defective. So it is heating so much.

How To Make My SD Card Work Again

How To Make My SD Card Work Again

You may fix an SD card overheating issue by following some simple ways:

Check the plug

The best way how to fix overheating SD card is you can you’re your electric board or plug if there is a problem with it. Try to repair it to for solving the overheating issue. You may put it in another plug.

Changer Charge

Check it well cards here are problems with your charger. If there is any such issue your charger should be thrown away and fix have to buy a new one to avoid heating is

Change your adapter

To fix the overheating issues on your SD card your adapter should be changed. They play an important role in overheating your SD card. So change it as soon as possible to avoid any such further issues like overheating or melting.

Do not cross the limit

You have to always keep in mind that there is a limit to how much data you can share. So you have to always maintain this to avoid overheating issues.

Check The SD card

If your SD card is defective or sd card no longer detected you have to buy a new one or you may change it if it is within the warranty period.


What is the actual cause of heating SD cards?

The readers and the USB hub are the cause of heating SD card.

Is there any chance of damage to overheated SD cards?

The SD cards are capable of bearing -13°F to 185°F. Is the temperature rises more than it there is a chance of damaging issue

Can a micro SD card overheat?

Yes, SD card and micro SD card both can overheat.

Final Words:

Indeed, SD card overheating or sd card melting switch is a serious issue. It may completely damage your mobile device. You should buy a branded SD card instead of the cheaper ones. It is not guaranteed that the branded SD cards will not be defective but there is less risk. So choose the best SD card for you and store your data.

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