Top Ways To Reduce Noise On GoPro

Top 11 Ways To Reduce Noise On GoPro


Reduce Noise On GoPro: GoPro cameras are designed so beautifully to capture the remarkable panoramas of journeys. You can shoot from anywhere using GoPro, be it underwater or on a high-speed motorbike. The only thing that irritates you while shooting or makes your experience worse is wind sound or noise. This sound noise creates big trouble at the time of the shooting.

You can shoot 4k high-quality videos with GoPro but sound noise makes it a bitter experience. But wind noise is such a common problem with which we can deal handily. GoPro cameras are good for video shootings. Wind sound is just a nuisance to the audio recordings. You can easily apply GoPro wind noise reduction tricks to get out of these sound noise problems.

What Is A GoPro

Do we have to know what GoPro is? GoPro is an action camera that is portable and can be mounted anywhere you want. It may be your bike handlebars or your helmet. You may notice that the sportspersons use it to capture memorable moments. GoPro allows you to shoot high quantity videos and for this, you do not have to hold the camera in your hand. The only disadvantage of GoPro is that it can pick up sound noise in your videos.

The sound noise in video can result in less viewers and also the viewers can reject the video for extreme noise. But there is nothing to worry about. If you have a GoPro or you are planning to buy a GoPro you can go for it blindly without any hesitation. There are several tricks that you may follow to Reduce Noise On GoPro or control sound noise on GoPro easily within a very short time.

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Best Ways To Reduce Noise On GoPro

Reduce Noise On GoPro
Reduce Noise On GoPro

According to a vlogger, audio is the most important thing than video. They say that instead of watching a high-quality video with disturbing audio, people always like to watch the poor-quality video with good audio. There are many ways to Reduce Noise On GoPro wind noise on GoPro. We will discuss some of these ways:

Use Of A Windscreen

If you use a foam windscreen, this will surely Reduce Noise On GoPro wind noise on GoPro. They are very reasonable and also easy to install and replace. The most popular windscreen for GoPro is the winds layer windscreen. A windscreen helps you to catch the sound of air that is moving across the mic. Only the sounds that you want to record such as voice, music, etc are allowed to come to the mic. The hiss sounds and clicks are not allowed by the windscreen to come to the mic and be recorded.

GoPro windscreen covers up the small pinhole left in the built microphone.

Use Of External Mics

If you have proper settings external mics can be used to reduce noise on GoPro. A wired mic, as well as an on-camera mic, can be used. By adding external mics you will get high-quality mics. Sometimes you have to come closer to the mic for a better audio experience. External mics are used especially for vlogging and travel blogging. You have to check that your external GoPro mic has a windscreen otherwise you will face the same problem again.

There is a port attached to each GoPro so that external microphones can be connected easily. The type of microphone adapter depends on how new your GoPro camera is. The camera fits a mini-USB or a USB-C port. Before choosing the microphone adapter check it properly if it supports a mini-USB or USB-C port.

If you know what type of adapter is needed you can easily buy an external microphone instantly. But do not buy a cheap microphone if you want to buy an external microphone. Buy that one that has good and positive reviews.

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Pick Your Filming Time:

Pause your filming time until the wind comes down. There are some videos such as filming tutorials, promotional videos, and sales in which the listener needs full concentration. So noise or wind sound in the middle of that video may disrupt the listener’s concentration. On the other hand there are many videos such as hiking or driving videos in which wind sound or noise is common. So the listeners forgive these disruptions in those cases. For a better filming in the wind you may follow the steps:

Mount The camera As Stable As Possible:

If you move the camera continuously it will give very much noise. So you have to mount the camera as stable as you can.

Mount The Camera Out Of The Wind:

Before recording anything you have to check whether the place is suitable for filming. Where the location is perfect you should mount the camera at that time.

Voice Control:

Wind noise also affects voice control. If you want to control your camera with voice command you have to check the wind properly.  Voice control helps to Reduce Noise On GoPro.

Open The Waterproof Housing:

If you are using GoPro you have to open the back housing door so that wind gets exhausted through them. You can do this only if you find that there is no risk of water disclosure.

Add Music Over The Videos:

There are many ways to avoid wind noise even when the audio or video has already been recorded. You can add music and lower the original audio in most of the clippings. Otherwise,you may talk over the noisy portions.

Little wind noise is accepted by the listeners but if there is too much wind noise the listeners will reject it.

Use Wind Noise Reduction Settings:

GoPro has some inbuilt camera settings that help to reduce wind noise and make your audio better. There are different menus available in each GoPro version. Use a wind noise reduction camera for better performance.

Use Insulating Tape:

This is a simple trick that you may apply to get rid of sound noise problems on GoPro. Usually, there are two microphones available on GoPro. One is the front microphone and the other is a rear microphone. The wind affects the front microphone more. You may place insulating tape over it. The rear or back microphone will be used to record audio and that will be free from sound noise also.

Use A Windjammer:

A windjammer will cover the small hole in the camera. It helps to Reduce Noise On GoPro. It does not allow the find to affect your video properly. So your videos are captured soundlessly. This is called GoPro wind over also as it acts as a cover to the wind.

The Sources Of Wind

There are two sources of wind. Sometimes the wind is created by weather and sometimes the wind is created due to speed. Speed is the main reason for creating wind noise. At the time-traveling at a high speed just like in a motorcycle, the rider creates his wind. If you can understand the reason for wind or the source of wind it will be very easy to Reduce Noise On GoPro it as soon as possible.


Does GoPro have good audio quality?

Yes, like other cameras GoPro has good audio recording ability. Most of the models have inbuilt microphones so that you may capture the sound better. However, do not expect the studio-type audio quality from GoPro.

Can I use external microphones with GoPro?

Reduce Noise On GoPro

Yes, you can use external microphones with GoPro. For a crystal clear audio quality and clear sound, you may take the help of using external microphones on GoPro.

Is GoPro suitable for a vlog?

Yeah, GoPro is suitable for a vlog. If you are a vlogger GoPro will be the best choice. They can 4K videos at 30 frames per second. You can also shoot underwater as it is waterproof.

Are the versions of GoPro waterproof?

Yes, the latest versions of GoPro are waterproof. But the older versions of GoPro had not been made waterproof or even water-resistant

Is it necessary to use the GoPro microphone adapter?

Yes, it is necessary to use the GoPro microphone adapter to connect an external microphone to the GoPro.

Final Words

If you do not find a proper position you may not be able to apply any methods. Maximum users prefer to use an external microphone with a windscreen. Though it is a little bit costly, still it is the most effective solution to reduce wind noise on GoPro. If you have it you may remain tension-free about wind noise.

A wind jammer can also be used but it is not able to cover extreme wind noise. Which solution is the best depends on how you are planning to use your camera. GoPro Hero 9 noise reduction is an easy process. You can use the GoPro mic windscreen for the best result if you want to reduce sound noise in GoPro. So do not worry. Use GoPro freely and follow the tricks to fix up the sound noise problems.

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