Want to Be More Productive on Your Computer

Want to Be More Productive on Your Computer? 8 Tips


Just imagine how annoying it would be when you sit in front of your laptop, and suddenly it stops working. You surely don’t want such a situation to happen to you. To help you enjoy long working hours on your laptop, we have enlisted some of the best tips and tricks.

The suggestions mentioned here are not limited to software; you will get to learn useful hardware tips too. All these tips, when implemented appropriately, will improve the productivity of your computer.

Protect Data From Online Threats

Keep your laptop as safe and secure as possible by installing trustworthy protection software. There are so many online threats that could pose some danger to your laptop. Downloading apps from unsafe websites and clicking on bad links could invite hackers, malware, and viruses.

Apart from viruses and hacking attacks, there is a chance your laptop can get stolen or lost. Use proven security features for its solutions. For example, the Find My Device feature for Windows 10. It will help locate your laptop in case it is misplaced or stolen.

Tweak Window Shadow Effect

Window shadow is a complex graphical calculation to do in any graphics software. By completely disabling the shadows effect, the Windows processing power can be lowered. This will help in freeing a little bit of extra performance of your system.

To disable window shadow effect, go to Performance Options by entering the Windows key. Select Adjust the appearance and performance of Windows and then press the Enter key. Unmark “Show shadows under windows” from the given options, click Ok, and Apply.

Pin Websites and App to the Taskbar

Want to Be More Productive on Your Computer

Open apps generally appear on the taskbar, but you can easily and quickly access the most used sites and programs. All you have to do is pin the most favorite shortcuts to the taskbar permanently.

To pin websites, fire up the in-built Microsoft Edge browser. Once you access the website, click the three dots icon displayed in the top right corner of the Edge interface. Now, select the Pin this page option on the taskbar. To pin an app, right-click on it and select Pin to the taskbar.

Keep Your Computer Organized

To ensure better productivity while using a laptop most often, keep every file and folder well organized. Keeping your system clutter-free will help in getting the most out of it when there is a bulk of data.

So, from the very first day, make a habit of deleting the files or apps you no longer use. Regularly clear the cache, cookies, and browsing history to keep your laptop organized.

Update the Operating System

No matter whether you are using a new computer or an old one, it is significantly important to update the OS. Regularly check for the latest updates and install them to get the new features and enhance your system security. If not updated timely, your computer may start to display compatibility issues.

The process of checking OS updates varies based on the device you’re using. For example, Mac users can find it using the Software Update option in the System Preferences. After updating the computer, remove the apps that are no longer required.

Keep a Backup Plan

Setting up an automatic backup plan can help in avoiding the worst situation of losing important data. Store all your vital files and documents in a secure place, such as external hard drives. Keep at least three copies of it in different locations.

It’ll help in quick retrieval if it is deleted from one source as you can access it from another one. You can store your data in the cloud to access it whenever and wherever required by ensuring an internet connection.

Use External Keyboard

Want to Be More Productive on Your Computer

Most laptop users complain that their keyboards are non-ergonomic and cramped. To ensure proper use without any obstacles, it’s good to use your own portable keyboard through a USB connection. If there is only one port, you may purchase a port to plug in a maximum of four USB cords.

By using add-on keyboards, you can avoid rearranging your entire workstation. You can use an integrated keyboard if you are working on your laptop for a short time. If you are working for a longer duration, use an external ergonomics keyboard.

Avoid Charging Battery Too Often

The common mistake that most people make is to keep charging their laptops for long hours. This is not good because it can make your battery age prematurely or wear down quickly. Over-cycling batteries or charging them too often can cause several battery problems.

Thus, put your laptop on charging when it reaches the 15% or lower mark. Keep an eye on the charging bar so that you can plug in the charger as soon as you need it.

 The Conclusion

These tips and tweaks will make your laptop journey a good one by making your working time more productive. Implementing these tips will help you make the best use of the features, functions, and tools available in your system.

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