GoPro Is Overheating

Why My GoPro Is Overheating | Top 10 Solution For GoPro Overheating


GoPro Overheating: GoPro is an electronic device. So it is quite natural for GoPro to become the internal parts of GoPro gets hot as it consumes power to run. The heat comes to the external parts of the device especially the metal build parts get extremely hot due to this. Sometime GoPro gets too heated. As a result, we have to switch off the camera suddenly to save the camera from high temperature. It is a safety measure. But it is very irritating when we have to switch off the camera at the time of shooting adventures.

The article is going to inform you about the reasons why GoPro gets heated. If you want a good and healthy device you have to read this article must.

What Is GoPro

Firstly, we have to know what GoPro is. GoPro is a portable action camera that can be mounted anywhere you want. One of the most discussed drawbacks of GoPro is its overheating problem. In this article, we will also discuss how to keep GoPro from overheating.

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The Causes Of Overheating On GoPro

There are several factors that cause overheating issues on GoPro. The most common factors are given below:

External Temperature:

This is the only main reason for creating overheating on GoPro cameras. If you keep anything at a high temperature like 40 degrees Celsius it will immediately get overheated. Just like this GoPro cameras also can not tolerate this kind of high temperature. That is why it gets easily overheated.

Lengthy Video Recording:

If you record 10 videos within five minutes it will comparatively keep your GoPro cool. On the other hand, if you shoot a video of about 50 minutes at a time it immediately overheats your GoPro.

There is a little time for the camera to cool down if you shoot short videos. The camera cools down in the gap of each video. But in a lengthy video, it is not at all possible. That is why lengthy video shooting is also a cause for creating an overheating issue on your GoPro.

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Memory Card:

While you insert a micro SD card into your camera it also becomes a part of the camera. So the longevity of the camera also depends on the micro SD card. f you insert an old, slow SD card it will create overheating issue on your GoPro. That is why always try to use a new and active micro SD card if you want to keep your camera cool.

Outdated Firmware:

If you do not update your camera to the latest firmware it may cause overheating issues on your GoPro. That is why updating your camera to the latest version of firmware is always recommended.

Quality Of The Video:

If you shoot high-quality videos it gives pressure on the electronic device which results in fast overheating problems on your GoPro. And if you shoot lower-quality videos the camera does not get heated so early. Moreover, shooting high-quality videos also consumes your battery power more. Therefore, you should try to shoot low-quality videos instead of high-quality videos if you wish to keep your camera cool and last longer.

Poor Ventilation:

One of the most common causes of creating overheating issues on GoPro is poor ventilation. During shooting, you should give it some airflow. You have to give it some time to breathe properly otherwise it will get overheated.

You can use some cooling device as a portable mini fan or give it some time to rest before using it again.

How To Fix Overheating Issues On GoPro

If you can find out the reasons that create overheating issues on your GoPro, it will be very easy to find out the solutions too. The ways of fixing the overheating issues on GoPro are given below:

Do not forget to keep Your Firmware Updated:

One of the best and most credible points to keep your GoPro away from any overheating issues is to keep your firmware always updated with the latest version.

Give Your Device Some Time To Rest:

There is no other disgusting thing like this when you are shooting a video and the video recording suddenly pauses without any notification.

Being afraid to miss any important thing we shoot lengthy videos. So the camera does not get some time to rest. Hence it takes out its resting time on its own without waiting for your permission.

Allowing it to rest does not always mean turning off your device. Instead, you can stop your video shooting for a while so that it gets a little time to breathe.

Ensure Proper Airflow:

You can never control the external environment at the time of video shooting. That is why you have to know how you can provide proper airflow on your device. You do this very easily. You have to move your camera timely at the time of shooting so that it gets proper airflow.

Keep It Away From Direct Sunlight:

If sunlight falls on your GoPro directly it may cause your GoPro to get heated. You have to dry to keep your GoPro away from direct sunlight. You may keel your GoPro in your bag or under the shade while you are not shooting. When you finish your shooting you have to remove your camera as early as possible.

Lower Video Quality:

If you shoot high-resolution videos with a high frame rate it can cause your GoPro to get overheated. So try to shoot lower video resolution while shooting to solve this overheating issue on GoPro. You may shoot high-resolution videos only when it is necessary.

Record Shorter Clippings:

Try to shoot your video within five minutes clips which means breaking up the lengthy video into shorter clips to fix the overheating issue on your GoPro.

Turn Off GPS, Wi-Fi, Voice Control:

If your GPS, Wi-Fi, and Voice control all are turned on they consume power for processing. That is why always turn off you’re his, Wi-Fi, and Voice control when you are not using them.

Use A Video Performance Mode:

If you own a GoPro Hero 10 Black there are three video performance modes that you can pick. The modes are:

Maximum Video Performance:

It is used for high resolution and frame rates.

Extended Battery:

It is used for lower video resolution and frame rate to extend the battery life.

Tripod Video or Stationary Video:

It is used when you can not get proper airflow on your GoPro.

These settings are used to fix the overheating issue on your GoPro.

Never Place GoPro On Flat Surface While Recording:

If you place your GoPro on a flat surface airflow can not reach properly to all the surfaces in the camera. Use a mount that lifts the camera from a flat surface. In this way, more airflow can get into your GoPro and you can avoid overheating issues easily.

Upgrade Your SD Card:

Instead of using an old, outdated SD card try to use a new one. Before getting a new one make sure that it is completely compatible with your GoPro.

How Much Heat Can A GoPro Tolerate

When your GoPro camera starts to overheat it will notify you immediately. It will display an alarming sign reading ‘camera too hot’ on the LCD screen. Each GoPro is built with safety features so that the camera gets turned off when the temperature is extremely high. It is built in this way so that it can save the internal parts from melting and getting damaged.

The warning notification comes and the camera gets turned off automatically when the camera faces the temperature surpassing  100 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if you are shooting in the scorching heat of the summer season try to cover your camera and keep it cool when you are not shooting.

High Temperature Shorten Filming Time

High temperatures can shorten your filming time as it can turn off automatically. If this happens the video you were shooting will be cut out. You have to turn on your camera to start the video shooting again. It is necessary to give your GoPro camera time so that it may cool down. Otherwise, it may be turned off again or get overheated repetitively.

Moreover, high GoPro temperatures consume your battery life fast. If your battery life is reduced it may shorten your filming time if you do not have a charger or a battery with you.


Why my GoPro is getting so hot?

If you shoot high-quality videos this will cause your GoPro to get heat. This happens especially when you are shooting in a hot environment. Try to shoot low-quality videos to be away from this overheating issue on your GoPro.

Did GoPro solve overheating issue?

Despite an official announcement by GoPro that they will introduce a new firmware and GoPro enduro battery to solve the overheating issue on it. But the users still face this overheating issue.

How do I stop GoPro 10 from overheating?

Instead of shooting lengthy videos try to shoot shorter videos. Give it 5-10 minutes so that it can cool down. After that, you can shoot again. Thus you can stop GoPro 10 from overheating

How long is a GoPro battery life?

According to the manufacturers of GoPro, maximum GoPro models have a better life of 1.30 hours to 2 hours and that is perfect.

Is it normal to GoPro get hot?

Every electronic device gets slightly hot when you use them as it consumes power. So if your GoPro is getting slightly hot like other devices there is nothing to worry about. But if it gets extremely hot it may be a cause of your tension.

Wrapping Up

If you take proper care of your action camera it will last longer and give a better performance. Always remember that there is a saying prevention is better than cure. Before the device gets damaged you should take proper care of it. If your GoPro is getting hot just like other smartphones it is normal, there is nothing to worry about. But if it is getting extremely hot you have to figure out the reason as soon as possible. To prevent your GoPro from overheating issues you should always try to keep your GoPro away from overheating areas or factors.

There is nothing more irritating than getting your camera turned off automatically when you are going to record a cool video. The given tips and methods will help you to get rid of overheating issues on your GoPro. The overheating issue on GoPro is very easy to deal with if you follow the steps and take proper care of your device.

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