best gaming monitors for call of duty

Best Monitors For Call Of Duty In 2022


The features that make the best monitor for call of duty are it must start with low input lag and a fast response time of 1 ms or less and a gaming monitor must have a high max refresh rate to support the highest frame rates that are available. It will help to maximize tracking and targeting performance. In short, if you want to play CoD at 120 frames per second you must have a monitor with a refresh rate of 120Hz or more. If you are looking for the best gaming monitors for call of duty warzone you have come to the right place. The best gaming monitor for call of duty warzone must fast rather say superfast. You have to find out about higher refresh rates and low response times.

The best monitor size for call of duty must be smaller on the side. The displays should be within 24” to 28” so that you may keep watching everything that happens. In this article, we are going to inform you about the best gaming monitors for call of duty for warzones according to their specs, reviews, and features. Let’s come to the main topic without wasting time.

A Short Overview Of The Monitors For Call Of Duty

The monitors for call of duty are nothing but PC monitors that come up with a lot of gaming-focused features. It does not require to be the largest or have the highest resolution on the market. They must have the highest refresh rate and low response time which are essential for a fast gaming experience.

The Work Process Of Monitors For Call Of Duty

The main function of a A great gaming device is to connect with the output device and translates electronic signals that turn into a visible image. The IPS panel-type LCD screens are used by most of the latest monitors for calls of duty. The older TN-type LCD panels are replaced in recent times with IPS technology or In-plane switching. The IPS panels help to make the liquid crystal molecules finer so that play displays better image quality, more accurate colors, and wide performance, particularly at wide viewing angles.

A monitor must have a superfast response time and a high refresh rate for an excellent game g experience. At least 120Hz monitors are liked by gamers.

The List Of Top 4 monitors For Call Of Duty

There are a lot of monitors available for call of duty. You have to choose the best one amongst them. Here we have mentioned the best 4 monitors for call of duty. They are as follows:

AOC C24G1A 24-Inch Gaming Monitor

best gaming monitors for call of duty

This is supposed to be the best monitor for call of duty. This monitor comes up with a lot of unique features. The display has a Full HD screen Which delivers details and bright colors. You will get an engaging experience with the monitor as it comes up with a 1500R screen curvature. It is very helpful for preventing undue next strain. It has a unique feature of 1 ms MPRT response time that allows gamers to get an edge in the competition. You have to update several settings the number of times you will restart it as it is unable to keep in its memory several settings.

The maximum refresh rate of this gaming monitor is 165Hz which means delivering high frame rates.

Why will you like it?

The reasons behind liking this monitor are as follows:

  • It comes up with a respectable maximum refresh rate paired with AMD anti-tearing tech. It helps to curb shuttering as well as ghosting.
  • The monitor comes up with a subtle screen curvature that helps to deliver immersive gameplay.


  • It has astounding color accuracy.
  • It comes up with 1500R screen curvature.
  • It comes up with a 1500Hz maximum refresh rate.


  • The only drawback of this monitor is that it is unable to remember some settings.

ASUS TUF Gaming VG279QR 27-Inch Gaming Monitor

best gaming monitors for call of duty

This monitor is prepared with NVIDIA G-Sync tech. The gamers like this monitor as they can use it with GeForce Graphics cards. It runs smoothly with different types of GeForce GPUs that help to deliver smooth contents by safeguarding tearing as well as shuttering. This monitor comes up with a lot of screen real estate. This monitor has a 27-inch display. It can deliver 1920×1080 images which help to create vibrant visuals with great colors. But out the box colors of the monitor is a little bit off and they require calibration.

ELMB or Asus Extreme Low Motion Blur tech with a 1 ms MPRT response time to fight ghosting and screen artifacts is equipped with the monitor. It has a unique feature known as shadow boost that points to dark parts of the images for enhancing visibility at the time of gameplay. The monitor provides fast connectivity to consoles and computers as it has a collection of ports like DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI v1.4. This monitor is good for hassle-free wall mounting as it comes up with 100mm × 100mm interface.

Why will you like it?

The reasons behind liking this monitor are as follows:

  • This monitor has an Asus Proprietary ELMB tech which prohibits ghosting and screen artifacts. It helps to deliver smooth gameplay.
  • There are wide viewing angles on the monitor that helps to give a great visual experience while it is viewed from the sides.


  • The monitor has a wonderful ELMB anti-ghosting tech.
  • It comes up with G-sync compatibility.
  • It has a 165Hz refresh rate.


  • Out of the box, colors are not up to the mark on this monitor.

ACER ED242QR Abidpx 24-Inch Gaming Monitor

best-curved monitor for call of duty

This gaming monitor is supposed to be the best-curved monitor for call of duty. This comes up with a 24-inch curved display and a 1920× 1080 full HD screen. It delivers content with amazing details. There is a VA panel with a high contrast ratio that helps to create impressive dark scenes. It has a maximum refresh rate of 144Hz. This helps to hold up well while you will be dealing with high frame rate games. If you compare it with other gaming monitors you will see that the response time of this monitor is 4ms which is quite a bit low.

It comes up with a collection of ports like DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI with HDC. This will help you get simple connectivity to different types of input devices. There is AMD FreeSync on this monitor. If you want to synchronize the refresh rates you have to make use of compatible Radeon Graphics cards. You will be able to reduce strain on your eyes with the help of Acer VisionCare Technology and BlueLightShield. 

Why will you like it

The reasons behind liking this monitor are as follows:

  • This gaming monitor comes up with a little screen curvature. It is very handy for users who are looking for visual immersion.
  • A VA panel is there that helps to create amazing deep dark scenes.


  • It comes up with a lot of dark scenes which you can not imagine.
  • There is a screen curvature on this monitor.
  • You will get a lot of connectivity options.


  • There are wide bezels on this monitor.
  • The response time is not up to the mark.

Sceptre C248W-1920RN 24-Inch Gaming Monitor

 best monitor for call of duty

You will be able to connect the monitor with different types of devices. It comes up with both VGA and HDMI ports which are good to plug in for both older and newer computers as well as gaming consoles. It has a round base and it comes up with a strong stand that endures providing stability.

The refresh rate of this monitor is as expected, it is very low. The contents with a high frame rate will face difficulty on this monitor. The brightness of the minutia is 250 nits which have to suffer a lot to lit the Offices very well. There is a wide variety of color palettes. This is the perfect monitor for a lot of light graphics works such as photo as well as video editing. This monitor is considered one of the best gaming monitors for call of duty with First Person Shooter or FPS and Real-time Strategy or RTS functions.

Why will you like it

The reasons behind liking this monitor are as follows:

  • The monitor comes up with a gentle curve screen that provides an engaging viewing experience for which you do not need to strain your neck.
  • The monitor comes up with legacy and modern ports make making the connectivity simple. It can be connected to a lot of computers as well as consoles.


  • The monitor comes up with an outstanding 1800R screen curvature.
  • It supports HDMI and VGA ports.
  • The screen of the monitor is very bright.


  • The monitor has a low refresh rate that is approximately 75Hz.
  • It has wide bezels.
  • The stand base of the monitor is round. That is why it takes a lot of desk space.

How Will You Choose The Best Monitor For Call Of Duty

If you want to choose the best monitor for call of duty or other superfast online multiplayer games you have to focus on refresh rate, response time, and G-sync supports other which will give you certainty for proper compatibility with NVidia G-sync technology.

The Key Features Of Monitors For Call Of Duty

External speakers

You have to think first about whether you want to believe in the internal speakers of the monitor or you want to use an external sound system. The quality of your display’s built-in speakers must be considered along with the image quality if you rely on the monitor for sound. You gave to check the specs of the integrated to see whether they will properly work for your sound needs.

Screen size

The perfect monitor size varies on the amount of space you have, the viewing angle of your preferences, and the setup of your area. Display size and resolution are associated with each other. If you have a 27-inch screen you will need 1440p resolution. If you have a larger screen you will need a 4k resolution.

Graphics card

The performance of the monitor depends on the graphics card compatibility. You may want a monitor that helps optimize gameplay through G-sync compatibility or AMD FreeSync compatibility you gave to know what type of graphics card you have and if it supports syncing with the display device for different types of refresh rates. The highest-performing monitors will work well with compatible graphics cards.

Serious or competitive gamer

The spec of the ideal monitor depends on how competitive you are or how much you want to play online multiplayer games. If you want to play occasionally or want to have some fun you will not require the best gaming monitor on the market. You have to look for the features like curved design and high-quality integrated speakers. But for the hardcore gamers, you have to find a monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate and response time of 1ms or less.


What is the importance of the call of duty gaming gear?

The right gears are essential for the best results in the game. It is important for competitive gamers and serious gamers.

What are the must-have points in a gaming monitor?

Compatibility, refresh rate, and response time must be considered in a gaming monitor.

Are Ultrawide monitors supported in Call of Duty?

Yes, both 16:9 and 21:9 aspect ratios are supported in the latest call of duty franchise games. You will be able to change the aspect ratio in the settings.

To Sum Up

We have tried to give you a clear picture of the best monitors for call of duty. You may choose anyone out of them after reviewing them very well. So choose the monitor of your choice and have a great gaming experience. If you have any doubt you may feel free to contact us.

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