Top Most Popular Offline City Building Games For Android And IOS

Top 10 Most Popular Offline City Building Games For Android And IOS


Building Games are very much popular. They allow the players to build and design their own house, city, and world. They can also create their own computer game through these building games. Several people want to play mobile city building games on their tablet, mobile device, PC, or the latest console such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and so on. So the players always look for the best offline city-building games. In this article, we will describe the top ten popular city-building games which can be played offline mode.

List Of The Best Offline City Building Games For Android And iOS:



Minecraft is supposed to be one of the best offline city building games in the whole world. It is so much popular for its solid gameplay, renewed development, and potential.

The players are allowed to build anything they wish. Minecraft looks like a common retro-style pixel artwork development means but the innovation of some epic worlds can be completely examined and can be disseminated to others through the 3D digital spaces of Minecraft. If you want to share this with others you will require an internet connection, which can not be done through offline mode.

In this game, the players have to mix and match some objects to make a new material. That is why they can learn some problem-solving skills through the crafting mechanic of Minecraft itself.


  • Minecraft is compatible with every mobile device and available on every gaming console.
  • There are various types of content available in Minecraft that the players can easily occupy.


  • The art style of Minecraft is blocky. It is not so appealing to all the players.
  • On all the versions of Minecraft, the split-screen local multiplayer is not available.

Designer City

Designer City

Designer City is supposed to be the best offline city building games for android as well as for iOS. The surface of the Designer City looks like a conventional sim city where you will see the skylines rip-off but if you look at it from a closer direction you will be able to see the differences.

A heavy emphasis on resource management and the inhabitants are quite common in most city-building games. The players are allowed to build a good-looking metropolis without the restrictions of other titles in the Designer City. The players can add some extra rules for a better realistic experience. But the only purpose of this game is to have some fun and make your dream city.


  • The Designer City gives the players full liberty to have ambitions as per their choice.
  • The art style of this Designer city is so cool that it looks very pretty at the night.


  • The range of the in-app purchases is $1.99 to $119.99 for each item. Therefore the parents hesitate to buy this.
  • The natural environment and plants leave a lot to be aspired according to their design.

Disney Infinity 3.0

Disney Infinity 3.0

The Disney Infinity Video Game series is indeed stopped but the Disney Infinity game is not finished yet. It has come up as Disney Infinity 3.0. Various characters are taken from Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel Franchises in Disney Infinity 3.0. The characters can be used for many game modes and stories.

In the console versions, the plays need to buy physical toys for unlocking the characters and levels but in the Windows 10 version, t contents are unlocked free of cost. It has become one of, the best offline city building games for Android.

There are a collection of impressive creator tools that allows the players to form not only their world but also to form their own video game with the help of trigger points, vehicles, camera controls, and huge assets consisting library which is called the Disney properties.


  • There are a lot of playable characters. It is one of the biggest platforms that are made till now.
  • It has some latest game designs for players.


  • On console and older PCs, it takes a lot of time to load.
  • There is no local multiplayer available on the PC version of these city building games PC offline.

Cities: Skylines

Cities Skylines

Cities: Skylines is supposed to be the best city-building video game that can be played on the latest consoles. The players can create a city from the ground up in this city-building game. The game permits several serious in-depth management of city design, resources, traffic, and population control. The players can play this city: Skylines game on their PC or some popular consoles like Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, etc.


  • There is so much content that even an experienced builder remains entertained through this city-building game.
  • The game is played in 4K Ultra HD on the Xbox One X console.


  • If you are using an older machine to play this game your game might get slower when the growth of the city starts.
  • There is less content in the console versions in comparing with the PC versions.

Village City Island Stimulation

Village City Island Stimulation is supposed to be one of the best offline city building games for android and iOS. It is one of the most popular sim city-style games on android. The players can form their waterfront city in this Village City Island Stimulation the city-building game.

You will get options to unlock more than 100 buildings and add to your city. The players have to face continuous challenges and missions that are related to the citizen’s happiness and necessities to keep the player active. The player can play this game in offline mode.

It is compatible with Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. You can also play this game on older devices that have iOS 7.0. It is very much satisfactory for those who have not updated their table or mobile with the latest version of it still now.


  • The players can easily pick up and play the game.
  • The game can be played on devices that have an iOS 7.0 operating system.


  • To make the building missions quicker the players need to do in-app purchases which is starting from $2.99.
  • The graphics of the game is quite similar to the other building games.

Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic

The Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic is also supposed to be one of the best offline city building games for Android which has a series of theme park sims.

It can be played on any platform you want because of its in-depth exploration of theme park management and ride highly approachable creation tools. The game has adopted several features from Minecraft and Disney Infinity 3.0 games and combined them in a unique way that they look like new entries.


  • The game is completely featured with theme park creation and management instruments.
  • The older players will be attracted to the cool retro art style of this game.


  • The players can not play this game on the current consoles like Xbox,  PlayStation, or Nintendo.
  • The occasional player will be discouraged by the number of options available in this city-building game.

Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker is a popular official video game introduced by Nintendo where the players can form their own Super Mario Bros levels on a Nintendo 3Ds or Wii U. Characters and level assets are adopted from every generation of Mario video games from the 80s to the 2010s? The players can switch the art style on the fly from old-school 8-bit graphics to modern 3D versions. If the players want to use the Wii version they will require an internet connection so that the players can share their level creation with others through online mode, otherwise, the game can be played completely offline mode.


  • There are various types of content taken from all the previous Super Mario games that the players can easily use.
  • There are also guest characters from Splatoon and Zelda games that keep things fresh.


  • Some contents are missing from the Wii release in the 3D version.
  • There is a level limitation which may be the cause of feeling prohibited by the very curious players.


Megapolis is considered to be one of the best city building games on iOS. It is quite similar to the Survival Craft game. It allows the players to design and develop the basic infrastructure of their city.

Airports, seaports, oil and gas mining, railway stations, and wind or solar and atomic power plants all are included in it. The game is updated regularly and adds a new city event and excitement to the lifestyle of the Megapolis. About 1 million people play this game regularly.

It works both on your android devices and tablets. The players who have a large display phone can get a better experience at the time of playing the game.


  • It consists of realistic 3D graphics.
  • There are world-known architectures from the old to the new era.
  • The players can extend their city over land and sea.
  • It has challenging missions and the players can get rewards and achievements.


Township is also one of the best city building games iOS 2020. The users can build the town of their dream with some extraordinary buildings and also harvest crops in their virtual firms. There are various ways to sell goods and develop your town. The users are also allowed to set up restaurants, cinemas, and other community-building to make their own more attractive to look. It provides in-app purchases.


  • There are various buildings and decorations to form your town.
  • The users can grow various crops and process them in their factories.
  • The users can meet their animal friends.
  • The users can form a zoo, cinema, community halls, and restaurants.
  • The users can expand and manage their farms.
  • They can purchase exotic goods from the island.

2020 My Country

2020 My Country is a replacement for the My Country game. The players can build a revolutionary town from the chain of islands. There are unique graphics with detailed animations that make your city more attractive. You can provide the citizen of your town with a happy life. Also, You may modify your buildings with the latest features. You have to face several challenges and calamities like alien invasions, earthquakes, floods, and so on. The players can play the game anywhere at any time as it can be played through offline mode. They can play it when they are on a plane, on the road, or the subway.


  • There are more than 100000 ways that you can opt to customize your building.
  • It has deep city-building gameplay.
  • There are a lot of challenging and fun quests.
  • Multiple disasters can occur there.


Can I play city-building games through offline mode?

Yes, you can play the city-building games through offline mode.

What are building games called?

The building games are called construction and management simulation. We often call it management sim or building sim.

What are the purposes of city-building games?

In a city-building game, the planner and the leader of the city or town is the player themselves. He looks down on it from the above and he is accountable for the growth and management of the town or city.

To Sum Up:

In this article, you got a clear idea about the best offline city-building games for Android.

All the games will not leave a space to give you fun, you have to use good strategy to play these city-building games.

The hardware of android and iOS mobiles are so enriched that they can easily support all the games with rich graphics and performance. Various users have various tastes in gaming.

Some of them have a deep interest in city-building games. Through this city-building, the players can build their city, according to their choices. The users can earn money as much as levels they can cross. They can improve their city with some strategies.

Games are no doubt very interesting to play. When it is acidity -building game the curiosity increases a bit higher. So choose your favorite city-building game and have fun.

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