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Best Xbox One Mystery Games You Need To Play


The Xbox one is very popular among gamers as it has a simple user-friendly interface. The players can play games at 1080p. A lot of games are supported by the Xbox One. If you love to solve the most baffling case you may go for some Xbox one mystery games. Each of the games has unique features. You can never run away from the games until you solve the mysteries. The best mystery games are indeed very much adventurous. You have to put on your thinking cap and get to work analyzing the world around you, no matter whatever mystery games you are playing. These games are full of adventures. They are very interesting to play in also.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best crime games for Xbox One Mystery Games. Let’s come to the main point without making further delay.

The List Of The Best Xbox One Mystery Games

The List Of The Best Xbox One Mystery Games

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

When we think of mystery games on Xbox one the first name that comes into our mind is Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. When you are looking for a game that can fulfill all your requirements it is none but Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. This is because you can not just imagine a mystery game without this man Sherlock Holmes. You must welcome Dr. Shock Holmes who has solved a lot of cases that were just next to impossible to ordinary folks. This man is so talented that he can easily tell where you have been only by seeing the sand on your shoes. The plot of the game is very simple. You just have to pick the clues and solve the crime scene. Solving the mystery is nothing but putting all the things together in the right spot.

mystery games on Xbox one

There is nothing to expect from a typical Sherlock Holmes game. You would understand what we are trying to see if you have gone through some of the detective novels. The game is mainly about the dedication of the hero, Sherlock Holmes. The game not only fulfills the expectations of the users but has also surpassed their expectations.

The Features of Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments

The features of this game are as follows:

  1. There are more than 5 cases in the game written very beautifully. This game comes up with some exceptional opportunities for Holmes. He may do what he does best and solve crimes very easily.
  2. How Holmes sways around the crime scene, searches for clues, picks up the smallest of them, and solves mysteries with simplicity is just outstanding.
  3. We know that each of the cases is regarding murder. But still, they are completely different from one another. That is why the users are so much interested in this game.
  4. You will find a death caused by ritual killings and a harpoon. The storyline gets attractive with each case.
  5. The person who is less expected to do the crime will be the actual crime maker. It is very common in every mystery case.
  6. When you will play each of the cases you will find that most of the stories are stale with barely much use of Dr. Watson.
  7. If you are a fan of Holmes you should know that in most cases Holmes would have been boring if there were not for Dr. Watson. He provides all the needed arguments as well as suggestions.
  8. You will find Mycroft, the brother of Holmes in one case. He is a very powerful British government official who can clean up things very quickly.
  9. The graphics of the game can make people spellbound. When you will play the game you will feel that you are watching a real movie that is opening up before you.

So we have come to know that the game has some outstanding visuals. In the game, the cases play worthy and all the puzzles are different from each other. The game will be more exciting to you if it is played on a PC or a gaming console.

L.A. Noire

This is also one of the most popular mystery games on Xbox one. Professional gamers just love this game. You can not just imagine that even the real-life detectives were spellbound after seeing the performance of this game. Los Angles is the base point of the storyline of this game. This is the center of all attractions.

The Features of L.A. Noire

  1. You can not break the rules in this game. You have to uphold the laws with your hands. The city wants your mercy to restore the painful situation that exists during the violent 1940s.
  2. You will find that from the start of the game, it is somehow slow-paced. You have to understand how to suspect them and their lies.
  3. If you are successful in grasping this feature early it will be better to play that whole game.
  4. MotionScan is now introduced by designers. This new technology helps to improve the performance of yiu.
  5. The features of the game will make you feel an extraordinary cinematic-like experience in the game. The interrogation scenes are the most exciting part of this game. They captivate the minds of the users very easily.
  6. As soon as you will reach a crime scene you have to think about everything like a detective. You will be able to investigate those who are suspected. You may note down the names in your book. Then you have to decide whether they are telling the truth or a lie.
  7. If you can catch them red-handed they will tell you the truth that will provide you with more clues.
  8. The only drawback is that the game comes up with its set of flaws.

The game is perfect for entertainment. You will understand how to interrogate people. This game is completely different from other Crime solvers games Xbox One Mystery Games.

The Wolf Among Us

Xbox one mystery game
Xbox One Mystery Games

This game was first introduced in 2013 and still, now, it is one of the most popular games all over the world. The game comes up with 5 series consecutive. This mystery game comes up with a crime scene of a murder. Telltale Games which is popular for defining adventure games with outstanding narration and visuals, designed this game.

The Features of The Wolf Among Us

  1. This has been adapted from Bill Willingham’s fables. You have to play Bigby Wolf who is the most beautiful sheriff in the city of New York.
  2. The first episode of this game is known as Faith. Sheriff adventures in a funny way. They are also adventurous. You will find a small dose of everything in the plot. The gamers feel very happy with the first episode of this game.
  3. The second episode is k own as Smoke and Mirrors. It has 90 minutes of scenes. You wi find the violent side of this game series. But the gamers were highly disappointed with the story.
  4. The third episode is known as A Crooked Mile. But this did not disappoint the gamers. The episode came as a violent as well as an emotional episode.
  5. The fourth episode is called In Sheep’s Clothing. You will find persuasive writing in this episode. This episode has also slow progress.
  6. The fifth and final episode is called Cry Wolf. It is an awesome episode. Sometimes you have to go back to check whether you have missed any important clues during the game.

The Walking Dead

mystery games on Xbox
Xbox One Mystery Games

This game is one of the best mystery games on Xbox. We feel adventurous in the name of the game itself. This game is also based on the Telltale comic books. The game comes up with 5 episodes It was introduced in 2012. It is quite similar to the Zombie apocalypse. You may have seen series or movies based on Zombie. They are scary as well as funny.

The Features Of Tge Walking Dead

  1. The visuals, characters, and plot all are outstanding in the game. This is one of the Xbox one mystery games that focuses on the story.
  2. Most of the games come with the same concept of choosing good and evil. Some users choose the good, and some users choose the bad. But in this game, you wi not get such a chance as you are living in an apocalyptic world.
  3. You will find no tasks or crime scenes that you have to discover and solve. You just have to keep moving on in this game such as you have to look for some batteries to use the radio.
  4. The little cores have some purposes that are very much useful. It will be able to explore the work and get to know how things work there.
  5. You do not need to remove the heads of the monsters in this game. The story is used very less. It is somewhat very much annoying.
  6. This game wi name you feel that you are a part of the world without letting you off completely. The narration as we as the writhing of this game is highly praiseworthy. There are well-researched and developed characters in the game.
  7. You wi feel that you are dreaming with a real human being who has real feelings and emotions. Being a gamer you will always try to make your actions significant. That is why you will think very well before moving ahead.
  8. You have to help some off characters in the game otherwise, they will stop helping.

The games often find the screen freezing very often. The gamers get annoyed if this happens in an intense action sequence. Sometimes the gamers find the saved files disappeared suddenly. Some flickering issues create a disturbance for gamers while they play this game. Some plots are sometimes dull and drab. The plot of this game lets you walk down your horizon. Gamers will get a lot of options and choices that can be used to fill out the story. You will be able to make bonding with the character.

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds is a completely different Xbox one mystery game
Xbox One Mystery Games

Outer Wilds is a completely different Xbox one mystery game. This is different because this game pushes you off-limit. That means whereas you have to solve the crime in most games you have to do more than that in this game. You have to explore the solar system as we as the universe. Though it sounds weird it is the actual concept of this game.

The Features of Outer Wilds

  1. You will be able to have a unique but content experience. A lot of things come up that you have not even thought of at the time of playing the game to uncover mysteries.
  2. There are three endings in the game. We know that there is just one conclusion in mystery games. As soon as you will find the culprit the game will be finished.
  3. This is a space exploration game and it is filled with puzzles. You have to control an Anthropologist who has great knowledge in the alien study and uncover the mysteries of Nomai.
  4. There was an ancient race the ruins of which are present on most of the planets.


What are the best mystery-solving games?

Return of the Obra Dinn, L.A. Noire, Her Story, and Disco Elysium are some of the most popular mystery-solving games.

What is the rarest Xbox controller?

The Launch Team Edition Controller is the rarest Xbox controller. It was not available to the public. It was distributed to some selected Microsoft employees that worked on the Xbox one.

What is the rarest console?

The elusive gold Minish Cap Gameboy Advance is the rarest console.

To Sum Up

If you go through this article you will be able to learn about the multiplayer detective games that are very popular on the internet. There are a lot of Crime Solvers games available on the internet. But each one will not be able to fulfill all your requirements. If you love adventures and want to play adventurous games you must go through this article. It will help you to find the best mystery puzzle games. You will be able to easily pick anyone according to your choice. You must know the features very well when you are thinking of playing the top mystery games.

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