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When talking to people about their first love they say shopping without any hesitation. Shopping is the only thing that everyone loves. But, lack of money sometimes means we can’t buy those things which we love to buy. In this kind of situation what we will do?. Maybe you will borrow some bucks from our friends or family member. Sometimes it becomes an embarrassing moment especially when you are alone. Let’s assume you went shopping alone and you liked something and wanted to buy it. But, you don’t have any extra dollars to buy that precious thing. Definitely, you wouldn’t buy it. If your credit score is not good then definitely you will avoid being revealed in front of the shopkeeper. But, don’t worry with a Fingerhut you can get anything you like at any cost and pay later. In this article, we will show you some flawless sites that offer you to buy now and pay later without a credit check.

#1. Ginny’s

If you are looking for that side that offers you everything like a Fingerhut then your dreams come true. Ginny’s has a wide range of home products and household products. All Ginny’s products are good in quality. If you are looking for home products there is no better place and the best alternative to Fingerhut is Ginny’s.

Moreover, they offer kitchen products, furniture and much more. So, you can be sure to buy anything from them even if you don’t have money. They will provide what you want without inquiring about your credit score.

#2. Masseys

Do you fall in love easily with branded stuff?. Because this is the right place to buy branded stuff. Masseys works the same as Fingerhut stores. On Masseys you can meet with global brands like Adidas, Jordan, Versace, and thousands of other brands. Those are the part of Masseys. This site deals with a wide range of beauty products, footwear, designer clothes, and other accessories.

If you love to buy these kinds of stuff then you should visit their site to buy what you like. During repayment, they will charge a small amount of interest and allow you to repay at rates as low as $20/month. You can create an account and check their products.

#3. Midnight Velvet.

Midnight velvet offers an immense product with a huge range. This range is so extensive, that you will not miss anything like the Fingerhut website. Remember, this site does not offer household products. If you are looking for home products then might be this is not the right place for you.

But, if you want to give someone a surprise or a gift then Midnight velvet is for you. This site mainly deals with high-quality gift items like woman’s products, designer clothes, and other accessories. It deals with men and women wearing clothes as well. You just sign up and start shopping. The repayment method is simple; they take a very low-interest rate of about $1.

#4. The Swiss Colony

This is a swiss company active in sweets and food products. If you are a food lover like me, then this site is gonna be your favorite one. We explored different websites which sell household products. But, with the Swiss colony, things are completely different. As we mentioned, this site deals with food products like meat, chocolates, cakes, and many others.

They also offer different types of cookies and snacks as well. More than that they charge very low prices for their products. The repayment method is simple like Fingerhut stores. You can buy a lamp for your house so you just have to pay $10 per month. Just create an account as it is approved and you can start shopping. See it is very simple.

#5. Flex Shopper

At number 5 we have a flex shopper company. This is the best alternative for the Fingerhut company. Flex shopper offers a wide range of variety at their stores like kitchen products, household products, and much more.

This site allows its buyers up to $2500 shopping at one time. But, it’s up to you if you want to buy very expensive stuff they will not say NO’ to you. They don’t ask about your credit score or credit history

If this requirement matches your personality create an account and start shopping

from now on.

#6. MDC

MDC is the oldest credit shopping site like Fingerhut. You can take a few things from this website and pay later. They allow you the opportunity to buy now and pay later like Fingerhut stores.

They deal with a wide range of electronics and furniture. If you are passionate about electronics then this is the perfect site for you. They provide top-notch quality at less price. It is a very trustworthy website.

Remember one thing they don’t have many restrictive policies that’s a good thing about them. Create an account and start shopping from today.

#7. Country Door

Another amazing and tremendous store and alternate of Fingerhut store. Country door deals with high-quality home products. If you are looking for high-quality and flawless products this is for you.

Country Door offers more than its brand name. This company is considered a top-notch company like Fingerhut. They mostly focus on home decor products.

Country door allows you to the classic decor in many different styles. More than that you will be provided details about the latest products on their sites. If you are a regular customer they will give you free coupons for shopping. Sign up and start buying amazing products for them.

#8. StoneBerry

If electronics items attract you, you are at the right site. Because your shopping experience is going to be fantastic on the stone berry. This site comes with some modern electronics items. They not only deal in electronics, but they also offer furniture and other appliances as well.

But, their electronics collection is just outstanding. From the latest phone models to Tv you can buy anything. Their policies are simple and clear. This thing makes Stoneberry unique and standout among other stores like the Fingerhut store. They will accept repayment in terms of monthly installments starting from $5.99. Buy now and pay later.

#9. The Shopping Channel

This site comes with almost the same interface as the Fingerhut site. The products and services are similar as well. This site comes with a wide range of variety and products including beauty products and house products. Just like HSN, They also offer the pay later scheme which means doing shopping with no stress. Their interest rate is very low and offers affordable prices.

You just have to sign up and start shopping today. This platform is best for buying good-quality products.

 #10. Home Shopping Network

If you want to buy anything on one roof, the home shopping network is an ideal place for you. It offers a wide range of products and home appliances and many other items listed in its stock list. This store is the best alternative to the Fingerhut store. They mostly deal with jewelry, lifestyle, and fitness products.

Home shopping networks also offer a very low-interest rate. The repayment method is quite simple. Just create an account and signup after approval of your account you can start shopping. The home shopping network allows you to buy now and pay later.

Pros and cons


You don’t have to pay right now.

Don’t need to share a credit score.

You can get things in minimum installments.


While repaying you have to pay interest


Which buy now pays later does not do credit checks?

There are many websites that offer you to buy now and pay later without credit checks like Fingerhut, message, Ginny’s, and many others.

Is fingerhut a hard pool?

Yes, it’s a little bit hard because you need a credit card to enter this site. They accept a lower credit score.

Can I use my Fingerhut credit cards on Amazon?

No, you can’t use your Fingerhut card on amazon.


Buy now pay later is the very amazing concept and it is working very fastly. Everyone loves shopping and if you can buy anything without paying that time. This is amazing we mentioned the 10 most popular and famous websites which allow you to buy now and pay later.

These sites allow you to pay in installments and charge very low-interest rates. They offer almost any kind of product like Fingerhut.

Most of the time it happens we love to buy something but we don’t due to less cash. Buy now and pay later sites have completely changed this thought. Now you don’t need to avoid high-quality products while shopping because you don’t have to pay at that time.

You have to pay in installments with a low-interest rate and some sites offer you extra coupons and other gift vouchers to buy for free. We should highly apperceive these sites which are standing with us in a difficult time.

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