How To Download Movies From YTS

How To Download Movies From YTS


YTS or YIFY Torrents is a peer to peer release group. This group is famous for distributing significant numbers of movies as free downloads through BitTorrent. YTS downloads were characterized by their small file size, which attracted many users.

The History of YTS download

Yiftach Swery founded YTS Torrents in 2010. He is a web developer, app developer and archery champion from Auckland, New Zealand. In 2011, the YTS brand was getting enough traffic to warrant the launch of an official YIFY Torrents website. However, at that time, it was blocked by the United Kingdom authorities.

At that time, a backup website was launched to bypass this ban. In 2013 YIFY was the most searched term on KIckass Torrents. Some other most searched terms were yify 2013, yify 720p, and yify 1080p. This popularity continued until 2015. Also, it was the most searched term on Bit Torrent websites.

In 2014, Yiftach announced he was retiring from encoding and uploading, and he also mentioned that it was time for a change in his life. At that time, the website rebranded to YTS, and it was moved to a new domain name at yts. Re. So YTS is an abbreviation of YIFY Torrent Solutions.

In 2015, the YIFY website went down without any word from any staff connected with the site. There were no new Yify releases. On 30th October 2015, it was confirmed that YTS/ YIFY was shut down permanently. Due to a lawsuit by the Motion Picture Association of America, the site was shut down. MPAA filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the website’s operator and accused him of facilitating and encouraging huge copyright infringement.

What’s the meaning of YIFY?

Among many torrents, YIFY goes by the name of YTS. YTS means Yify Torrent Solutions. When users get to the website, you will see that the URL and the website include the YTS logo. The website itself explains that it links only to YTS or YIFY movies. For TV series, there is a different website.

This website offers excellent features like validated torrent files. However, it is rare in the BitTorrent world, and this strong community provides that validation. The vast user base offers comments for every torrent on offer, and the download metrics offer more information for the prospective downloader. These features bring the community and the website together to provide the work to maintain the quality of the website at the highest possible level, particularly in torrenting websites.

As a result, downloading a movie from a YIFY torrent file is much easier and faster than using Kickass Torrents, ExtraTorrents, or LimeTorrents. A more significant number of seeders with faster transfer speeds can also help.

As a result, YTS provides an excellent user experience, with the fastest download speeds among movie torrents. And what good will it do if the website is taken down because the owners want a quieter life or a police agency takes it down? Of course, if YTS disappeared, it would leave a gaping hole in the BitTorrent world. Would it, however, be surprising?

Over several years, many excellent torrenting websites have gone down. Even the original YTS had to shut down for a while. YIFY, like any other torrenting environment, is vulnerable. At any time, your favorite torrenting website could vanish into digital oblivion. And it’s for this reason, that the YTS network of proxies and mirrors is so essential. When you can’t load the main URL with your browser, you can use that network to regain access to the YTS websites.

You might find that even the mirrors and proxies are out of reach at times, and there’s no need to be concerned. When this happens, you’ll still be able to access some alternative sites – more on that later.

That brings us to one of the most important points we want to make in this article: use a VPN. Use a premium VPN service at all times, whether you’re downloading movies from the official YIFY website, one of its proxies, or any other torrenting site. This article will explain why this is important in detail. In terms of security, you can access websites that your ISP or the government has blocked.

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HD YIFY Movie Downloads with the Smallest Size

YIFY is a movie release group and one of the most influential groups. Torrent yts is the abbreviation for YIFY Torrent Solutions, and it is specialized in movies. Yts download is one of the most recognizable torrent sites over the internet. Here, you can download good quality prints in 720p, 1080p, 2160p, 4k and 34 quality. 

This release is a way of taking advantage of the scene before the Blu-ray discs or DVDs are released. Then they rip and encode DVDs or Blu-rays to MPS or MKV videos with the famous Handbrake using X264 as the encoder source codec for the MPEG-4 codec. However, the sound quality may degrade in this size reduction.

YIFY Movie Downloads Tutorial

Before proceeding to the yts download, you must know that this guide is limited to personal fair use only. It is not legal to download copyrighted materials without the copyright holder’s consent. We will proceed to the movie download process from as an example. However, the process is not hard at all.

First, you need to go to and then search and get the movie you want to download. You have to type the movie name in the Quick Search box, and it will give you relevant results based on your intent at that moment. Before starting the downloading process, you need to decide the movie quality you want to download.

Then you have to download YIFY movie torrents from the YIFY movie sites. Click on the movie poster that you want to download for more information. Now click the green download button and select the movie quality.

Finally, when you download the YIFY movies torrent from the YIFY movies site, open the torrent with your torrent client and download the movie.

Why isn’t YIFY not banned?

This question does not have a universal answer, and the question isn’t applicable everywhere because YIFY is banned in countries where law enforcement has taken action against it. As a result, everything is determined by your jurisdiction.

In most parts of the world, sharing recent movies and TV shows on the BitTorrent network is a violation of copyright laws. Different countries take different approaches to torrent copyright issues, so some are very strict in enforcing intellectual property laws, while others are a little more lenient. In a few European countries, piracy is even legal as long as all pirated content you own is kept strictly personal. As a result, YIFY is prohibited in some countries. You might be in one of these countries. If you are, we will show you how to get around the ban later in this article.

YTS’s original claim to fame was that it was a highly effective motion picture piracy group. It’s been steadily growing since then, and it’s managed to stay relevant in the ever-changing torrent world. YTS sets itself apart from most other specialized torrenting websites by ensuring that the files it offers are of the highest possible quality. Other websites provide torrents, but they do not emphasize YIFY’s video and audio quality. YIFY is also like a hydra. The content is distributed across multiple nodes on the web and the BitTorrent network at the same time, giving users various options for accessing the content they want.

The end result is on display for all to see. Furthermore, the model appears to work. It’s been around for more than a decade, and it’s weathered attacks from the Motion Picture Association of America, country bans, and a slew of other issues. Estimates put the number of served users in the YIFY network at more than a million monthly as of May 2022.

Of course, such success breeds notoriety, attracting unwanted attention from governments worldwide as they work to shut down the website. And, as previously stated, they have succeeded in the past. Even after YIFY (YTS) reached an out-of-court settlement with the MPAA, the site was shut down as a result of the MPAA’s lawsuit. Also, because they were alleged criminals, the YTS leadership had to stay away from the BitTorrent community.

On the other hand, YTS was already decentralized and resilient enough to continue operating despite the legal issues. So, yes, the original website had to go, and if you go to yts. You’ll be redirected to the Motion Picture ‘Watch It Legally page.’ By the time it went offline, the proxy and mirror network had already grown to include a large number of websites that continued to operate in the same manner as the original.

YTS mirrors and proxies, on the other hand, can be tricky. Many of them are in good condition. On the other hand, others are designed to infect your devices with malware. So, how can you tell who’s on the good side and who’s on the bad side? It isn’t easy. There is no simple rule that you can use to make a quick decision. As a result, you must only use VPNs to access these websites.

The majority of YTS proxies claim to be related to the original YTS crowd. Those claims are meant to bolster their reputation as heirs to the original YTS group, but they’re impossible to verify. It’s best to ignore those claims and concentrate on the content they’re releasing — the proof is in the pudding, so trust the quality of the files they’re providing rather than their claims.

However, it is impossible to deny that the proxies provide the service and content users desire as they continue to return for more and leave satisfied. The video files are still of excellent quality, and new content is added on a regular basis. So, while YTS may have established a torrenting brand, proxies and mirrors are now carrying the torch, and they appear to be succeeding.


Overall, we can say yts download is not a legal process against the YIFY team in 2014 and 2015. According to the law, downloading copyrighted material is equivalent to hacking. So, it is illegal. Besides, if such a feat can be proved with evidence, in the United States, it will be considered a severe case. Therefore, it is a criminal act.


Is YTS legal?

YTS is not legal. It has been officially shut down due to its illegality, and YTS has suffered the same thing as LimeWire and Pirate Bay.

What is a YTS file?

YTS or YIFY Torrents is a peer-to-peer release group known for distributing vast numbers of movies through BitTorrent.

Is YTS MX blocked?

Firefox and Chrome have blocked direct access to the movie download pages of popular torrent site YTS. is a deceptive site that tricks visitors into doing harmful things.

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