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Windows 9 Why Did Microsoft Skip?


Windows 9: A group of several proprietary graphical operating system families is known as Microsoft Windows. They must be developed and traded by Microsoft.  Each family has an important role in the computing industry. Microsoft Windows was first released on 20th November 1985. It is available in 138 languages. The official website of Microsoft is Windows 7 is the most popular and most used version of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft introduced Windows 8 after Windows 7 but this revised version of Windows has not become so much successful. The oy reason for this is that it was a completely new interface for the users and there was no start menu available on Windows 8.

Then Microsoft introduced Windows 10 along with the start menu that was not available on Windows 8. Microsoft introduced a quick search tool that is Cortana on Windows 10. But it has bugs that need to be fixed. It can be turned off avoiding your wish if you do not want to use it.

But now the question is why Microsoft jumped straight to Windows 10 by skipping Windows 9. In this article, we are going to discuss the possible reasons to find out the answer to the question “ why was there no Windows 9?” So let’s come to the main point without any further delay.

A Short Note On Windows Operating System

A group of several GUIs ( Graphical User Interface) families is known as an operating system. They must be formulated, retailed, and traded by Microsoft.  Windows 10 is the latest version of the Microsoft operating system. It is being used all over the world widely. Though Microsoft had set its foot in 1985, the windows operating system was launched in November 1995. The first version of the Windows operating system is Windows 1.0. But Microsoft released a  revised version of the operating system with the help of developing technologies. The revised versions are introduced by considering the requirement of the people and the increasing demand for graphical user interfaces.

The Versions Of Windows Operating System

There are different versions of the Windows operating system with different features. The different versions of the Windows operating system are as follows:

  • Windows 1.0
  • Windows 2.0
  • Windows 3.0
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

The Benefits Of The Windows Operating System

There are a lot of advantages of the Windows operating system. They are as follows:

Backing for all equipment

About 96% of clients use the Windows operating system. So most of the equipment merchants make drivers for windows.

Easy to use

Most Microsoft Windows have something regular in it that helps the clients to move from one form to the next. So the clients do not face difficulties to use them. The user interface of Windows is very much user-friendly in comparison to others.

Programming support

For game and programming engineers Windows platform is the best platform.  There are huge numbers of crowds on Windows. That is why designers always look for making utilities, games, and programming for Windows operating system.

Plug and play support

The plug-and-play feature helps to detect most hardware. There is no requirement for manual installation of the hardware. It is always ready for use as soon as it is connected to a webcam, keyboard, mouse, mobile device, etc.

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Desktop and touch screen

The touch screen devices as well as desktop computers both can use Windows 10 as it is made in that way. Windows 10 is made in such a way that it can run smoothly on any windows device.

The Disadvantages Of The Windows Operating System

There are also a lot of disadvantages of the Windows operating system. They are as follows:

Virus attacks

Hackers are continuously trying to attack Windows. The security of Windows can be broken very easily by hackers. So the users of Windows have to install anti-virus software on their devices to keep them safe and secure. They have to pay charges to that anti-virus companies to keep their data safe.

All are paid software

You will find that you have to pay charges for almost every software like games, graphics software, download manager, and many more. You have to pay a particular amount of money per month for getting access to the software of your choice or you have to buy the software that you want to use.


Whereas Linux OS is an open source platform and allows everyone to use this completely free of cost, the Windows Operating system has a paid license. If you legally use Windows operating system it will never allow you to use it free of cost. If you want to buy a copy of the Windows operating system you have to spend a lot of money. You have to buy other Microsoft software like MS Office to do your day-to-day office work on your computer.

Rebooting a system

A system needs to be rebooted when it performs very slowly. Your system may slow down and even hang up when you will try to load a lot of programs at a time. Then you have to reboot your system so that it can perform smoothly.

High computer resources

Your computer must have a high ram capacity, a lot of hard drive space, and a good graphics card if you are going to install Windows operating system on your computer. They are mandatory for the features of the Windows operating system.

Technical support

Having Windows support is not good for most users. The Windows the team only supports a few large organizations. However, common users have to look for forums for getting solutions to their problems.

Why Did Microsoft Skip Windows 9?

After the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft had to give a rational answer to the question why is there not a Windows 9? There are chances to use Windows 9 as a reference to Windows 95 and 98 in their code for a lot of legacy programs. That is why Microsoft decided to skip Windows 9 and can the new operating system Windows 10 only to avoid widespread technical problems. Though this is a valid reason, still it has not been announced by Microsoft officially. Officially it was announced that the reason behind skipping Windows 9 is nothing but simple marketing.

An insider of Microsoft, Mary Jo Foley says that Microsoft wanted to signify that the OS will be the last major update. That is why they named it Windows 10 in place of Windows 9. The 10 will signify that there will be no more Windows X releases. But this is not true as Windows 11 was introduced by Microsoft in the previous year. The launching of windows 11 was nothing but a marketing move. If we look it closely we will see that there are no such differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11.

Microsoft wanted to keep a safe distance when Windows 8 did not become successful in marketing. That is why they skipped Windows 9 and jumped straight to Windows 10. Windows 10 was a big step for Microsoft. When everyone thought that the next version of Windows is going to be known as Windows 9 Microsoft surprised all by introducing Windows 10 on 30th September 2014. The result of introducing Windows 8 was not received as expected. It completely flopped. That is why Microsoft named the next version Windows 10 to show that it is not only a degradation of the previous version but also it is a completely clean major version. This operating system can be used on desktops, laptops, tablets, Windows phones, and Xbox One.

Some people believe that the number 9 is unlucky for Japan. That is why Microsoft skipped Windows 9. But this can not be a valid reason for introducing Windows 10. If you keep searching for the reasons for introducing Windows 10 in place of Windows 9 you will find a lot of reasons as everyone will give you different t types of opinions. But Microsoft has not announced anything or given any such clear answer to the question of why was Windows 9 skipped. That is why we are unable to give you the perfect answer to it what we can do is we can provide you the clues so that you can understand the resin behind slipping Windows 9.

If you search on the internet about the Windows operating system you will find a lot of frequently asked questions about this topic. People mostly wanted to know what happened to Windows 9. Here is a list of a few frequently asked questions on this topic to clear up your confusion.

FAQ On Windows Operating System

Why did Microsoft skip Windows 9?

There was no obvious reason to skip Windows 9 for Microsoft. They decided to name the next version of Windows Operating System Windows 10 in place of Windows 9. They did so for marketing purposes only.

What is the reason behind calling it Windows 10 and not Windows 9?

A name for an operating system has not much importance. That is why Windows 10 is a name nothing more than that. The new users often ask what happened to Windows 9. But there is no such valid reason for it.

Is there any Windows 9?

No, there is no Windows 9. When they call it Windows 9 for testing only most of the existing third parties took it to be an earlier version of Windows and would not work like before versions. That is why instead of naming it Windows 9 they jumped straight to Windows 10.

To Sum Up

Indeed name plays an important role in our life. But everything can not be considered by its name. The features are the ultimate marker of anything while you are going to judge something. Microsoft named the next version of the Windows operating system Windows 10. It was a clever decision to skip Windows 9. They did not get the expected success from Windows 9. If the next version was to be known as Windows 9, people might think there is no such new features. So, they wanted to give it another name so that people can be interested in it. They have introduced a lot of new features in Windows 10. But any version of Microsoft Windows has not got so much popularity as Windows 7. Within a short time, Microsoft introduced Windows 11 which is not at all different from Windows 10. But we have not yet been able to know why was there no Windows 9. We have tried to make you know the possible reasons behind naming it Windows 10 in place of Windows 9. The reason is still now confusing to us.

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